What are AMPs - Accelerated Mobile Pages


The open source initiative, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) developed by Google and Twitter focuses on improving the loading speed of web content on mobile devices. A stripped down version of HTML, AMPs produce speed improvements between 15% and 85% when tested using a 3G connection.

Google “Venice” Update Gives More Exposure to Local Business


One of the changes announced in February’s Panda 3.3 update began to show its effects last week.

Google Updates its Semantic Search Results


This month saw yet another update from Google, this time effecting how the world’s most popular search engine handles facts, direct answers and related queries in its search results.

Google+ "Search Plus Your World"


Launched on the 10th of January, “Search Plus Your World” has given us plenty to talk about and no doubt will change the way a lot of us do SEO.

How Social Media Now Directly Influences Search


Earlier this year Google announced that they were now taking social media signals into consideration in their ranking algorithm, so now the ‘number of Tweets’ will play a part in how your website is ranked on Google. There is also a correlation between Facebook likes and high rankings although Google doesn’t directly use this data.

Adding a Google+1 button to a Textpattern Website


If you haven’t already heard, Google have recently released their +1 button. The idea is pretty simple and works in a similar way to the ‘like’ button on Facebook. It is a way of letting other Google users know what you think is cool, interesting or helpful.