The Death of IE6

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08/06/11 |

Microsoft has finally cut ties with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) with the launch of a new website ‘The IE6 Countdown’, admitting the browsers inadequacy in ‘an era of modern web standards’ and urging for a move to Internet Explorer 9 stating:

“10 years ago a browser was born. Its name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern web standards, it’s time to say goodbye.
This website is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide, so more websites can choose to drop support for Internet Explorer 6, saving hours of work for web developers.”

Since it launch in 2006 IE6 has frustrated web design agencies with its lack of support for web standards, web design companies often have to resort to trickery such as CSS hacks, conditional comments, and other browser sniffing techniques. Additionally Microsoft itself admits IE6 is simply no longer a secure way to browse the web. As a result of this major sites such as have recently announce that they are ending support of the nearly decade-old web browser.

Today, a relatively small percentage of internet users still use IE6, yet as of April 2011 global usage was still at about 11.4%, with countries like India and China housing over 15% of IE6 users. There are also a sizeable number of software engineers working in IT companies who are forced to use IE6 as a result of restricted upgrade rights.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, as IE6 users drop, so does the overall market share for IE. While the ‘kill IE6’ campaign is a clever move by Microsoft, many users are looking to alternative browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Here at WebPraxis web design Manchester, we have not totally ruled out supporting IE6 for future projects.

If a client specifically requests IE6 support based on statistical analysis of their users and as a result of a large number of IE6 visitors to their site, then we can still develop for IE6. However our site no longer supports IE6.