Social media marketing with the Linkedin Queen

12/05/11 |

Last week, the Webpraxis team went along to An Evening with Eve Mayer Orsburn at Manchester Metropolitan University. As CEO of Social Media Delivered and author of Social Media for the CEO – Orsburn knows her stuff when it comes to social media, and makes a career out of advising companies on their social media marketing (SMM) – helping them leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to deliver business goals. Orsburn really is the @LinkedinQueen – at last count boasting 70,000+ fans, followers and connections online.

While Orsburn’s ideas on social media are not necessarily groundbreaking, we certainly took away some great nuggets of information some of which we’ve outlined below:

Identify the company’s goal before starting out on a social media campaign

  • Now, this sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many agencies bulldoze into the social media marketing sphere, trying to occupy every social network and online forum possible, without actually pausing to think whether it makes sense to be there.
  • Focus on just a few social networks and do them well. Orsburn suggests spending a minimum of 32 hours per month on one network, otherwise your efforts are wasted.

The social media equation

Most of us are familiar with the 80/20 rule of social networking (80% business, 20% personal) but Eve nails this down further – with her Social Media Equation:

  • 20% inform – with relevant and interesting content.
  • 20% entertain – keep brand fans attention with humour, which is also a great way to go viral. Controversy (in the voice of the organization) can be a winner – for example; using polls get people voicing their views.
  • 40% interact – social media is a unique way for companies to communicate, as for the first time – it’s two way. So, make the most of it – ask questions and converse with brand fans, to build relationships and loyalty.
  • 20% convert to business – Orsburne disagrees with the claim that companies shouldn’t use social media to sell, instead thinking that if you provide your fans with interesting content 80% of the time, selling 20% of the time is entirely acceptable, and good business practice.

We also took away some interesting stats about the main social networks, so here’s a bit of food for thought:

  • There are 600 million people active on Facebook around the globe, with the average user being 38 and 50% log in on a daily basis
  • 75% of Linkedin users are college educated, and 85% of companies plan to recruit via Linked in this year