New Website & Full Rebrand for PAS Ltd

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17/05/21 |

PAS Ltd’s core product, the P11D Organiser, has become the system of choice for larger organisations and is used annually to process over one million P11D returns to HMRC each year.

We recently launched a new website for PAS Ltd, this also included a full rebrand with a new logo to completely update their online presence focusing on giving the user a streamlined experience.

The new website’s backend was designed to give PAS a quick and easy platform to update their content, allowing them to make updates on the fly whenever they feel the need. Moving forward we will continue to offer support and maintenance on the PAS website, making sure the site is always secure and up to date.

New Logo

PAS’s software helps organise their customers’ information to alleviate the pressure of submitting HMRC documents. The new P11D Organiser logo reflects their P11D software playing with the idea of boxes to keep things organised. To create this we used a isometric grid to arrange the shapes into the logomark which also has the letters ‘PAS’ using the different shades of red to create each letter.

Making the user feel comfortable about using P11D Organiser was very important to us, we wanted the type to be inviting and approachable, reinforcing the fact their software simplifies the P11D process. Using a typeface with natural forms such as the ‘O’ being circular, and having an open ‘e’. This combined with rounding some of the sharp edges help make the type less brash on the eyes, allowing it to be welcoming while maintaining professionalism.

Bespoke Illustrations

The website has moved away from stock images, implementing a series of illustrations personalised for each page. Our original idea was to produce illustrations to cover each of the 14 sections of the P11D form. Creating each of these illustrations in house removes the headache of finding suitable imagery from third parties. This approach allows each illustration to correlate directly with the content, giving every page a personal touch.

PAS Example Illustration

What the client said

“We asked WebPraxis to take our existing, fairly old, web site and develop something that not only freshened the look and feel, but also moved it to a more modern and secure platform. The content we had was good, but the presentation was tired and boring, and as a key driver for new business, our website needed to better represent the company and the products.

We have been really impressed, not only with the design changes that were proposed, but also the way the project was handled. WebPraxis listened to our feedback and thoughts on future business, and presented a fresh and exciting set of options for us to evaluate. Once selected, the implementation of the new design was fast and effective and has already resulted in improved results, garnering great feedback from prospects and customers alike.

The design concepts in the new website have now been integrated into our products, customer communications and even our support site, bringing a consistent look and feel to all our customer touch points.” – Graham Whitehouse – Sales & Commercial Manager, PAS Limited