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Tom Beech

16/07/06 | 3 Comments
by Tom Beech

Internet Explorer 7 beta 3

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 the final beta before Internet Explorer 7 goes on general release this autumn.

Webpraxis have been busy making sure that our portfolio of websites all function correctly in IE7 beta 3 before its release date.

So what’s changed from IE6?


IE7 includes an antiphishing component. This basically means that it can analyse a webpage and determine whether or not it is genuine.

Tabbed Browsing

A feature that was seen in Mozilla in 2001 and is now available in IE7 beta 3 is tabbed browsing; this lets you load Web pages in separate tabs of a single browser window, so you can jump between them quickly and easily.

Zoom feature

IE7 beta 3 allows you to zoom in and out of webpages which allows greater access to those with less that 20/20 vision. This is different from the text size controlling that shipped with IE6.


Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 allows you to automatically update all your RSS feeds at once. It also adds basic formatting to the RSS page instead of displaying just the RSS feeds XML.